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Images from the old Havana, Cuba.  ..Kids playing in the plaza, while teenagers play soccer in the back.  ..Perhaps one of the aspects of society that first standout as you land in Havana, it's how much time people spend in the street, interacting and socializing with other people.  Recent studies in western society have revealed that almost 30% of people interviewed cannot name not even one of their neighbors, and the studies suggests that  technology and e-social interactions are at the root of this pattern.  ..Very little of this is possible in Cuba.  With very limited access to the internet and technology in general, life happens in the street.  Most of the doors of people's home is open pretty much all day, and many will take a chair out and seat, talk and watch people go by.  ..Kids still play like we used to.  A smashed can and a couple of rocks will create the most entertaining game for kids that lack access to a different entertainment experience driven by video games and the internet.