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Images from the Penarol neighborhood, Montevideo, Uruguay. Perhaps one of the most impressive sights in Penarol is to enter the train garage.  Created by the british to be the prime location for maintaining the trains and the wagons, this establishment is the main reason why the neighborhood was created in the first place.  Beyond replacing the steam engine by newer technology (electricity), the place works in a very similar way as it did in its origins.  A look up into the ceiling will reveal a glimpse into what was once a synonym of the industrial revolution.  A central transmission axis, transferred the energy through a pulley system to the more than 150 machines lined up and operating in series.  The garages fully operated until the earlier eighties.  Soon after that activity stopped in the printing, woodwork, sawmill, painting and candle-making sections.  The rest of garages, although half empty and abandoned, remain active and maintain the existing locomotives and wagons in use to this day.